By-Mail Primary Is Underway!

The Green Party primary is taking place by mail. Click here to print a ballot and find instructions on where to send it. Votes must be received by the Maryland Green Party by Saturday, April 30, so please send yours in soon. Thank you for your support!

Why I am Running for Congress

I am running for Congress to be a voice for all Americans against corporate domination of our lives and our politics. We must find ways for our environment to thrive in the face of climate change, and to move from a war economy to a peace economy. I believe we need artists in our citizen legislature along with all the lawyers and businesspeople. I will also work to enact H.R. 1976, the Nuclear Weapons Abolition and Economic and Energy Conversion Act.

I run outside the two-party duopoly to play a role in building a Green Party in the United States on the federal, state, and local levels. The Green Party is the one truly global party, a chorus of international voices speaking for the trees and the natural balance. I am Green because our planet has been green longer than I have lived; I am Green because it is the party of the future. I want to be part of a chorus that lives peace and thrives, and I welcome you to join us.

About Elizabeth

Elizabeth Croydon spent the formative years of her childhood in the Eighth District, and at an early age was introduced to both politics and art. Grooming herself as a theatre major by attending the Duke Ellington School of the Arts in Northwest Washington, she became politically activate in the anti-apartheid movement and went on to study theatre at Montgomery College performing at the Kennedy Center and Washington Jewish Theatre, and studying at the Folger Shakespeare Conservatory.

Elizabeth has been a peace activist since the outbreak of the first Gulf War in 1990, calling for nonviolent conflict resolution and taking part in the permanent anti-nuclear vigil outside the White House. She has also been active in the anti-Drug War and marijuana legalization movements, the organic food movement, and in both the Maryland Green Party and the District of Columbia Statehood Green Party.

In addition to her work as an artist and filmmaker, Elizabeth has had a long career as a stand-up comedian, appearing on NBC’s Tonight Show and Last Comic Standing and winning the designation of Master Debater from National Lampoon. As part of her congressional campaign, Elizabeth will be filming and producing a documentary, Party Politics, to be released before the election.

Peace, Planet, People, Parties

Elizabeth’s platform in brief:

The Peace

    • The time to discuss peace is now. The agreement for ending nuclear proliferation must be signed. H.R. 1976 must be re-introduced to the House.
    • A foreign policy based on human rights and economic prosperity during times of peace must be established. It is time to turn away from a war economy.
    • Non-violent actions can be taken to end the cultivation of terrorism.
    • Enact accountability on guns through a regulation system similar to Canada’s.

The Planet

    • To survive, we must embrace the healthy solutions of a carbon-based economy in soil regeneration.
    • Hemp and cannabis are healthy crops that have been unable to contribute to healthy farms both ecologically and economically.
    • Hold corporations accountable for environmental crimes.
    • Water and air cleanliness must be framed as an international defense issue with immediate attention and priority.
    • Trees, plants, and flowers must be allowed to flourish. Move toward green streets and green transportation.

The People

    • Let the people prosper. The pursuit of happiness is not a punchline.
    • Take profit out of prison by ending privatization of corrections.
    • Remove bias of all types from the court system.
    • Create sustainable, eco-friendly jobs now.
    • Let those who seek refuge in the liberty of our nation be granted work and an easy process to naturalization.
    • People of all races, religions, and genders are to be treated with equality.

The Parties

    • Election reform now.
    • Smaller alternative parties must be recognized on an equal with the two larger parties.
    • Get money out of politics. Campaign finance reform now.


Read more about the Green Party of the United States at


Campaign Events

Upcoming and ongoing events:

Elizabeth Croydon is #SumChic on the #EvilDoGooderShow every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from noon until 3:00 p.m. ET on UrCity Radio D.C.

April 9: Campaign fundraiser, Adams Morgan, D.C.  Contact the campaign for information.

April 24-29: Elizabeth has invited the Green Party of Ireland and all global citizens to join her in peaceful direct actions against the tyranny of corporate pollution remembering the stand James Connolly and the Irish Citizen Army took against the tyranny of English rule 100 years ago.


These folks are backing Elizabeth for Congress! Let us know if you want to be added to the list.

  • Bahram Zandi, national co-chair of the Green Party of the United States
  • John Bagby, software executive
  • Judi Cantu, Taos, New Mexico City Council member: “I believe it is women who will change this world. I believe it’s women who can restore the balance. I believe it’s women who will hold our leaders accountable. I believe it’s Elizabeth Croydon who is the woman that will bring strong leadership to Congress.”
  • Darryl Cherney, Earth First! organizer, filmmaker, and Green Party presidential candidate
  • Suzie DeGrasse, DeGrasse Wildlife Rehabilitation
  • Rob Digman, business owner in Maui, Hawaii, Food for the Soul Catering
  • Adam Eidinger of DCMJ, 20-year Green Party activist
  • Karen Jennings, Maryland Green Party
  • Sophia Marjanovic: “Integrity matters. Really, out of all of the candidates of District Eight for Congress, Elizabeth Croydon is the real problem-solver. She thinks at a deeper level than most other candidates, especially regarding public safety.”
  • Eddie Murphy, Democrat, attorney at law
  • Gael Murphy, co-founder of Code Pink
  • Midge Potts, 2010 Missouri U.S. Senate candidate and peace activist
  • Kevin Suscavage, 2014 Democratic candidate for California State Assembly
  • Ellen Thomas, co-founder of nuclear-free future group Proposition One