These folks are backing Elizabeth for Congress! Let us know if you want to be added to the list.

  • Bahram Zandi, national co-chair of the Green Party of the United States
  • John Bagby, software executive
  • Judi Cantu, Taos, New Mexico City Council member: “I believe it is women who will change this world. I believe it’s women who can restore the balance. I believe it’s women who will hold our leaders accountable. I believe it’s Elizabeth Croydon who is the woman that will bring strong leadership to Congress.”
  • Darryl Cherney, Earth First! organizer, filmmaker, and Green Party presidential candidate
  • Suzie DeGrasse, DeGrasse Wildlife Rehabilitation
  • Rob Digman, business owner in Maui, Hawaii, Food for the Soul Catering
  • Adam Eidinger of DCMJ, 20-year Green Party activist
  • Karen Jennings, Maryland Green Party
  • Sophia Marjanovic: “Integrity matters. Really, out of all of the candidates of District Eight for Congress, Elizabeth Croydon is the real problem-solver. She thinks at a deeper level than most other candidates, especially regarding public safety.”
  • Eddie Murphy, Democrat, attorney at law
  • Gael Murphy, co-founder of Code Pink
  • Midge Potts, 2010 Missouri U.S. Senate candidate and peace activist
  • Kevin Suscavage, 2014 Democratic candidate for California State Assembly
  • Ellen Thomas, co-founder of nuclear-free future group Proposition One

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