Elizabeth’s platform in brief:

The Peace

    • The time to discuss peace is now. The agreement for ending nuclear proliferation must be signed. H.R. 1976 must be re-introduced to the House.
    • A foreign policy based on human rights and economic prosperity during times of peace must be established. It is time to turn away from a war economy.
    • Non-violent actions can be taken to end the cultivation of terrorism.
    • Enact accountability on guns through a regulation system similar to Canada’s.

The Planet

    • To survive, we must embrace the healthy solutions of a carbon-based economy in soil regeneration.
    • Hemp and cannabis are healthy crops that have been unable to contribute to healthy farms both ecologically and economically.
    • Hold corporations accountable for environmental crimes.
    • Water and air cleanliness must be framed as an international defense issue with immediate attention and priority.
    • Trees, plants, and flowers must be allowed to flourish. Move toward green streets and green transportation.

The People

    • Let the people prosper. The pursuit of happiness is not a punchline.
    • Take profit out of prison by ending privatization of corrections.
    • Remove bias of all types from the court system.
    • Create sustainable, eco-friendly jobs now.
    • Let those who seek refuge in the liberty of our nation be granted work and an easy process to naturalization.
    • People of all races, religions, and genders are to be treated with equality.

The Parties

    • Election reform now.
    • Smaller alternative parties must be recognized on an equal with the two larger parties.
    • Get money out of politics. Campaign finance reform now.


Read more about the Green Party of the United States at GP.org.



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